Family-Friendly Pesach Programs to Keep Everyone Entertained

The Concept Of Pesach And What It Means For Families

Looking for something to do with the family during Pesach? Check out our list of 10 family-friendly programs that will keep everyone entertained! From puppet shows to concerts, we have something for everyone. So grab your calendar and start planning Pesach Programs now!

Pesach is one of the most important holidays celebrated by Jews around the world. It is a time of reflection, family, and faith. Pesach begins by retelling the story of their ancestors’ escape from bondage in ancient Egypt. This journey and celebration of freedom are known as the Exodus and lasts for 8 days. The core feature of Pesach is a Jewish family meal on the first or second night of the holiday known as Seder.

Pesach Programs

At this special dinner, families retell part of the Haggadah – a book which contains details about how to conduct the meal as well as other stories. They also eat traditional foods such as matzo, haroset (ground nuts and apples), herbs dipped in salt water to represent tears shed over generations of enslavement, and bitter herbs to symbolize hardship. Through customs such as singing Passover songs and reading from religious texts, families further honor this momentous occasion in their faith’s history.

Children are sure to love learning fun facts about Pesach. Did you know that it’s traditional to hide an extra piece of matzah at the seder table for the Prophet Elijah? There’s even a traditional cup filled with wine set aside for him! Another fun fact is that after being freed from slavery, the Jews had to leave so quickly that some of them did not have time to let their dough rise. That’s why eating flat unleavened bread – which is the matzah – is such a significant part of this celebration. Finally, during Pesach, it’s tradition to eat special food like charoset (a mixture of apples, nuts and cinnamon) as well as egg-shaped hard boiled eggs dyed in red or other colors, each representing something different. Learning all these interesting tidbits will make your child appreciate this Jewish holiday even more!