Advanced techniques from paint shop pro tutorials. Including how to made rainbows, how to make over 20 styles of halftones, and how to make watercolor effects.

If you’ve already used Paint Shop Pro (PSP) for some time now, but want to take your skills even further – then you should definitely check out the great tutorials posted by Ellen.

You’ll learn a ton of valuable techniques that will help you create effects that look professional and are hard to reproduce in any other program. Just a few examples of what is covered include making rainbows with just a single click, creating different styles of halftones using simple gradients as a base, and simulating watercolor effects without actually using any real watercolors.

It’s not just about the advanced techniques though – you’ll also learn some simple but effective tips for photo corrections (which is vital if you want to be taken seriously as a graphic designer).

Designs and Creations in PSP

First, Ellen’s tutorials are very comprehensive – they cover all the different techniques that you need to master in order to create awesome designs and effects.

Second, Ellen’s tutorials are incredibly easy to follow even if you’re a complete beginner. She uses simple language and step-by-step instructions with loads of screenshots that make it really easy to copy what she does and try out your own variations of the effect.

Lastly, Ellen has a great community surrounding her website – so if there is any issue at all while following one of her tutorials, you can just post a question or message on the forum and she’ll get back to you super fast with an answer. So no matter where you may be in your design journey, Ellen’s tutorials are a fantastic resource to help you take things to the next level.

If you’re serious about becoming a great graphic designer and mastering Paint Shop Pro, then be sure to check out Ellen’s tutorials today! You won’t regret it.

How to make rainbows, halftones & watercolors?

There are many advanced techniques that you can learn with Paint Shop Pro tutorials, including how to make rainbows, halftones, and watercolors. One of the most popular tutorials on this topic is written by Ellen, an experienced graphic designer who has been using Paint Shop Pro for years.

To create a rainbow effect in PSP, all you need to do is select the gradient tool and choose your colors carefully – some important considerations include choosing similar hues and saturations so that there is no visible banding between colors.

For making halftones, simply use a basic radial or cone gradient as a base, then adjust the opacity of each layer very slightly to give the impression of various tones and shades.